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Company Profile

Stratum Resources are specialists in Minerals Management Service & Mineral Economics in Asia and Australasia.
This minerals management service organization was formed in early 1997 and has carried out many projects, both large and small throughout the region. The founder and CEO has around 30 years experience in minerals management services' and mineral economics in Asia and Australia / New Zealand. The company has remained at the cutting edge of mineral economics, mineral processing and strategic planning etc. through extensive regional activities along with active participation in the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy since 1980 and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc since 2000.
Stratum Resources is a minerals management service and consulting practice providing comprehensive market analyses of non-metallic minerals industry in the International Mineral Markets of Australia, Asian Region.

0007076Stratum Resources provides minerals management service and mineral economics consulting expertise, especially in carrying out market research and analysis, process development and strategic planning, linking producers with distributors, project development support and aspects of mineral economics, mineral processing, material handling, resource recovery and related industries.

Our staff and associates bring together both extensive experience in minerals management services' and mature international marketing skills to effect rapid and economic solutions to producers, processors and consumers of minerals and increasingly specialty chemicals. We are intimately familiar with current market trends, mineral economics, modern mineral and material separation concepts, process plant design requirements and specifications, project procurement, scheduling and cost control, and process plant operational and maintenance essentials.
The minerals management service consultancy has first hand experience in a broad range of minerals including: Alumina, ballclay, barytes, bentonite, borates, chromite, clays, diatomite, GCC, kaolin, feldspar, garnet, graphite, gypsum, iron oxide, lithium minerals, magnesite, manganese, mica, nepheline syenite, olivine, PCC, silica sands & flour, rare earth minerals, salt, talc, zircon etc.
Markets within the scope of our minerals management service capabilities include: Glass, ceramic, refractory, foundry, electronics, petroleum drilling, coatings, plastics, rubber, filtration, pesticides, pulp & paper, absorbents, abrasives, and sodium silicate etc. Our minerals management service experience covers location of suitable deposits, feasibility studies, market definition, suggestions of merger / acquisition targets and suggested distribution channels throughout the region.
With the definition between upgraded minerals, such as specialty coatings using a range of minerals and ultrafine grinding, the distinction between minerals and specialty “engineered” performance materials is becoming ever closer, so projects involving higher valued materials is increasing. Materials used in the polishing of cathode ray tubes and silicon wafers as well as the chemicals used in this highly refined and technical area are becoming more commonly covered by Stratum Resources’ activities, including recycled chemicals / materials from IC production units.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION “ to remain a leading source of reliable market information that assists our customers in strategic decision-making, in defined markets throughout the region, by establishing competitive advantage and maximized returns”

Company Background

The founders of Stratum Resources minerals management service became aware of the need for an organization to assist producers, processors and companies seeking to expand their operations into the Asian Region through improved understanding of the various markets targeted. Primary and some secondary market analysis provide clients with focused studies of market size, competitive situations and activities, customer requirements etc to provide assistance to strategic decision-making. Through identifying new and emerging opportunities and at times suggesting possible joint ventures and partnerships, our minerals management service clients are able to maintain their desired leading position in an ever-changing marketplace.